About Us

IJM is a family owned Jewelry Manufacturing Business based out of New York City.  

We manufacture everything from start to finish in our own factories, which are located in New York City as well as overseas. Our line consists of a large variety of different categories and price points. Our trademarked designer label  MORRIS & DAVID  is flaunted by celebrities.  It is an exquisite yet affordable designer jewelry line that caters to the more upscale and quality conscious consumers.  We sell to many high-end department stores & specialty stores across the US and around the world.


is an internationally recognized jewelry brand,  which has created a special collection. The two brothers, Morris & David, come from a family of jewelers whose roots in fine jewelry traces back many centuries ago.  Their family has been the exclusive jewelers to many royal families.

They have made many exclusive designs for various celebrities, and their creations have been flaunted in many acclaimed publications such as Vogue, In Style and Town & Country Magazines.This special collection is inspired by the romance of ancient  royal Jewels, going back to Byzantine and Roman era and the ancient Greeks. In those days jewelry was the symbol of  wealth, success, confidence,  and a happy marriage.

So take home a special piece from the Morris & David Collection with a long lasting memory of peace & goodness.  Your jewelry selection will stay with you forever, and always remind you of the special times.